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How It Works

Your Internet Privacy Score tells you how safe your identity is online. The higher the score, the better it is - that means less of your personal information is exposed online. A lower score means that a lot of personal information is exposed. Your Internet Privacy Score may be low because your phone number and other pieces of personal information appear on numerous data broker websites, reverse phone lookup sites, people lookup sites, and search engines.

Internet Privacy Score Rating and Review System

Here are some best practices and recommendations on how to improve your Internet Privacy Score:

  • You need to know where your information appears. You should regularly search for your phone number on various search engines (not just Google) and data broker websites so you know where your information appears and also check back here for easy updates.
  • Check your social media profiles and make sure your privacy settings are configured to minimize the amount of public data you reveal.
  • Many data brokers offer a method for removing your private information from their databases, but it could be difficult to find. Check each broker website for their individual data removal process, but please note that this process could be very tedious, complex, and confusing.
  • We strongly recommend that you consider using a professional online privacy service to improve your privacy easily and quickly because of the large number of data broker websites that currently expose personal information.
  • Our current recommendation to improve your online privacy is RemoveMyPhone - they're highly rated, have solid customer service, and we've used them ourselves with great success.
  • Check back here regularly to see if your Internet Privacy Score changes and to read useful privacy recommendations.

About us

InternetPrivacyScore is a quick and easy and free tool to check your Internet Privacy Score. You simply enter your phone number and we perform a deep scan of over 150 search engines and data broker websites and generate an Internet Privacy Score based on how frequently your personal information appears publicly. The score ranges from 1 to 100, with 1 meaning that you have serious and significant risks to your online privacy (due to your personal data appearing on many different search engines and data broker websites) and 100 indicating that you are quite secure and your personal data appears on very few, if any, websites.

The higher the score, the better it is for you! Staying safe and secure is vital in today's information-driven society and economy and helps you avoid problems from stalkers, cybercriminals, identity thieves, corporations, and other unscrupulous entities. We do not sell you anything. All we do is give you a free tool to quickly check over 150 data broker sites and search engines for your personal data and then provide privacy recommendations based on your Internet Privacy Score. We hope this makes you safer. If you find this tool valuable, we would appreciate it if you could spread the word to your friends and family.

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